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About toefl online coaching

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is a standardized test that measures the English language proficiency of non-native speakers of English who wish to study or work in English-speaking countries. The test evaluates the test-takers ability to read, listen, speak, and write in English, and it is commonly required by universities and other institutions as proof of English language proficiency. The TOEFL test is developed and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), and it is recognized by more than 11,000 universities and other institutions in over 150 countries worldwide.


TOEFL Eligibility

  • TOEFL eligibility criteria are exclusively concerned with individuals who have successfully completed their 10+2 from a recognized Indian board in order to take the exam. 

  • An original passport with his or her name, signature, and photo.

  • As per ETS, the original Aadhar card must be the primary ID for the TOEFL test in India until April 15, 2023. Photocopied or printed documents are not allowable. 

  • If the candidate's age is 15 or younger he is advised to be accompanied by a parent or other authorized adult age 18 or older, who will be required to complete and sign a release form at the test center. 

  • If both the minor and his guardian will not carry his or her original and acceptable ID he or she will not be allowed to give the exam.


TOEFL Pattern


Time Limit




54-72 minutes

30-40 questions

Read passages and respond to questions.


41-57 minutes

28-39 questions

Answer questions about brief lectures or classroom discussions


10 minutes




17 minutes 

4 tasks

Talk about a familiar topic. Discuss it you read and listen to.


50 minutes

2 tasks

Read a passage, listen to the recording


TOEFL Syllabus

Reading: In this part, you will read 4 passages and answer 10 questions on each passage. This part measures your ability to understand academic passages in English. The part is scored based on the number of correct Readings.

  • 3–4 passages, 10 questions each 

  • Total no. of questions: About 40 

  • Total time: 54-72 minutes


Listening: In the Listening test section, you will hear lectures and conversations, based on campus language. This part is directed to know the test taker's capability to understand conversations and lectures in English. This part includes listening to basic knowledge and understanding, identifying, and integrating information.

  • 3–4 lectures (3-5 minutes long, about 500-800 words), 6 questions each; About 25 questions in total.

  • 2–3 conversations (about 3 minutes long, about ),5 questions each, About 15 questions in total 

Total no. of questions: 40, Total time: 41–57 minutes


Speaking:  If you want to earn the highest score in the Speaking Section, your answer must fulfill the demands of the task given with only minor errors. The test evaluators are looking for a highly understandable and continuous conversation. The main factors for scoring high are delivery, usage of language, and topic evolution.

  • 1 independent task (prep time 15 seconds; Response time: 45 seconds)

  • 3 integrated tasks – to Read/to Listen/to Speak (prep time: 30 seconds; response time: 60 seconds): Total no. of questions: 4, Total time: 17mins


Writing: both essays should effectively address a topic. Well-organized and well-executed answers should be there using appropriate descriptions and comprehensive support. It should also demonstrate integration, continuation, and consistency.  You can achieve a High writing score if you denote grammatical and proper word selection with fewer grammatical errors. 

  • 1 integrated task – Read, write and listen. (20 minutes) (reading time will be 3 min; listening time will be  2 min; writing will be of 15 min)

  • 1 independent task (30 minutes): Total number. of questions: 2, Total time: 50 minutes



The TOEFL exam will take you up to 3 hrs with a 10-minute break to complete the test.

Things to consider before choosing the TOEFL online coaching:

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