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About duolingo online coaching

Duolingo English Test (DET)  is an English proficiency assessment tool designed for students to take any time and anywhere. This test is developed by DUOLINGO, which is an American Educational Organization. The Duolingo English Test is an online proficiency exam that measures a test taker's ability to communicate effectively in English. At Western Overseas, we designed Duolingo online coaching and practice tests to assess a test taker's reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, and provides an accurate & reliable measure of their English language proficiency.


The test consists of a series of interactive tasks, which include reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking exercises. The test is adaptive, meaning that the difficulty level of the questions adjusts to the test taker's performance. The test takes approximately one hour to complete. The Duolingo English Test is recognized by several universities, colleges, and institutions around the world as a valid measure of English language proficiency. It is also accepted by some immigration authorities as evidence of language ability for visa applications.

Important Components:-

Just like other English proficiency tests, you need some important components to apply for this test. visit Western Overseas to know more about Duolingo online coaching. 

  • Your Passport / Driving License or any Government ID Proof.

  • A quiet room

  • 60 minutes of Free Time

  • A Computer or Laptop

  • Good Internet Connection

  • Front Facing WebCam

  • Microphone

  • Speakers 


If you are not comfortable with giving the tests by going to various test centers, then the Duolingo test is made for you. You can apply for this test at your home with your pc or laptop. This test costs a total of $49 which is far cheaper than other English proficiency tests. 



  • The result declaration of this test is within 48 hours and it validates for 2 years. 

  • You can use this result to apply to multiple universities almost at the same time. Also, you can apply for a retake within 30 days when the result gets declared.

  • If we talk about the acceptance of this test, then it is accepted by more than ten countries including, the USA, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Thailand, Qatar, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Austria, France, Germany, and Italy.  

  • This test is based on four major skills i.e. Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. Every question of this test will only concentrate on these four skills. Every candidate is judged for his/her efficiency in these skills. 


  • This test does not follow a particular sequence for every skill question type, questions may appear in random order. 

  • This test is based on an AI program that adjusts the complexity of questions according to your attempt. This means if you give the correct answer to a question, it will become harder next time.

  •  This test is spontaneous so if you skip one part of the test you can not go back.

  • Also, you will not get any extra time for the next question after skipping the previous one.

  • You don’t get all the question types in the Duolingo Practice Test.

Format of the test

It is a 60-minute test that includes approx 40 questions in it. The time of 60 minutes is divided into three major parts which are mentioned below:-

  • Introduction & onboarding: Take 5 minutes

  • Graded adaptive test: Take 45 minutes

  • Ungraded video and writing sample: 10 minutes







Read and complete


Literacy, Comprehension

6 times on average

Read and select


Literacy, Comprehension

6 times on average

Listen and select

1 ½ minutes

Comprehension and Conversation

6 times on average

Listen and type

1 minute

Comprehension and Conversation

6 times on average

Read aloud

20 seconds

Comprehension and Conversation

6 times on average

Write about the photo

1 minute

Production, Literacy

3 times on average

Speak about the photo

½ minute to 1 ½ minutes

Production, Conversation

Once on average

Read & Write

5 minutes

Production, Literacy

Once on average

Read & Speak

½ minute to 1 ½ minutes

Conversation, Production

Once on average

Listen & Speak

½ minute to 1 ½ minutes

Conversation, Production

Once on average


Duolingo does not rely on a single skill like other English proficiency tests do. It combines two skills to form a single element for sub-scores. This method of scoring is more efficient to know the level of an individual. 





There is no such passing score for Duolingo English Test. 110 or above is considered a good score by Universities. 


Learn the Duolingo Online Coaching:

The Duolingo Test is taken entirely online and consists of a series of adaptive multiple-choice questions. The test adapts to the user's ability level, so the questions become progressively harder or easier depending on how well the user performs. The test takes approximately 1 hour to complete, and the results are available within 48 hours of completion. Western overseas provide a range of Duolingo online coaching courses to fulfill your dreams to study, work and migrate abroad. These are affordable and convenient courses for language proficiency tests. 


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